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Reasons Having Auckland Builders Is Better Than Buying An Existing Home

Deciding to get a new home is very exciting and there are many options available. With an existing home, there are the benefits of having no work to do and no waiting time aside from the buying process. However, there are four more benefits of building a house by Auckland builders for the home buyer that make it a better option than buying an existing home.

Control over Design

Pre-owned homes are built based on someone else’s dream but if Auckland builders build their own homes, they can choose everything from floorplans to the countertops and everything in between. Anytime a person thinks of owning a house, they design a dream home that is specific to their needs and desires. Building a house can give them that so that every time they walk in the front door, they can breathe easier knowing it was designed by him, her, or them.

Save Time on Replacements

When a home buyer decides to build a home, they are saving themselves on the cost of energy and replacements. Pre-owned homes tend to have worn products inside that will need replacing or fixing soon after the purchase is made. With a new house, the home buyer is placing brand new things in the house under a warranty, which allows the individual and their family to enjoy years of comfort before anything will need replacing.

Save Money on Energy Costs

Today’s world relies on the most energy-efficient technology and tools to save individuals money even more than five or so years ago. Houses that were built over a decade ago or more can be drafty and need years of remodeling but with a newer home, the individual is opened up to the latest architecture tools such as double or triple-pane windows to keep out the cold or to keep it cool with special window coatings between each layer of glass. This will save the person on heat or air conditioning costs later on after the house is built. Newer homes built by Auckland builders like SO Renovate also meet the stringent energy standards because they combine high-performance energy efficiency with modern ventilation and air filtration, which offers a higher quality of indoor air and draft-free comfort.

Safety & Pride

Many new security features are much more easily installed in a new home as opposed to an older home. Some of these include electric garage door openers that have infrared beams to stop them if a tricycle or child gets too close, organic paints that make it easier to breathe, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, and many more. Whatever is needed of the house will be there because it is what the Auckland builders wanted.

More than safety, this new home will offer comfort and a sense of pride because the house will be well and truly the home buyers. Every color, every floor plan, and every door was hand-selected by the individual for their families. A new home will reflect personal memories instead of someone else’s dream and choices, giving it a warmth and strength that a used home just cannot offer.

There are four major benefits to building a new home as opposed to buying an existing home. A new home will offer the individual a chance to custom design it into a house that will be safe, comfortable, and cost-effective on energy and the lack of replacements. Build a home that the family can make memories in and that reflects the personality of the builders.

If you are looking for trustworthy and experienced builders, contact SO Renovate today. We have then necessary expertise to build your dream home. Get started today!

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